Retail Support for Profitability & Customer Satisfaction  

Whether you are a small retailer looking to grow and thrive, or a larger retailer seeking to solidify a strong market position, Dexter Global Business Solutions is here to provide much needed retail support. We understand the retail industry is an incredibly competitive and fast-moving space. Between customer targeting getting tougher and impactful macroeconomic forces at play, being in retail can keep even the most successful businesses up at night.

Having the right Supply Chain infrastructure and a sensible, competitive, and Sustainable Procurement strategy enables companies to  be impactful, successful, and profitable. Our services are agile, flexible, and designed to meet  the ever-changing opportunities and challenges of our clients. From Supply Chain re-engineering and automation to Procurement restructuring and transformation, we help our clients reap meaningful  cost savings to improve their profitability or release investment funds to grow their revenue. Our solutions are both innovative and pragmatic. We go beyond providing advice and setting up a design structure; we actively support implementation and train our clients. This ensures  fast and successful deliveries with a high ROI.

Our customers are evidence of our success. Their profitability proves that retail can be a viable and exciting sector that can yield  a positive impact on not just Sustainability but also on customers’ lives. With the right support, businesses struggling with profitability or a decline in customer retention can recapture growth and maximize profit.


Retail Support Solutions Provided by Experts

Retail is always on the move, which means there may not be time to navigate  a traditional learning curve. Our team at Dexter GBS is comprised of seasoned specialists with extensive experience in the Retail sector. In true Dexter style, we work hand in hand with your teams to deliver solid Procurement and Supply Chain solutions. We deliver these solutions quickly, always ensuring  that our new methods  are solidly embedded into your organization for long term adoption. We understand the impact change has on individuals, which is why we manage the change process alongside new strategy implementation to increase your business’ success.

At Dexter, we truly live our values of being Agile, Brave, and Collaborative. We never deliver ‘standard’ solutions. Instead, we think outside of the box to design and deliver what works for you, together with you. What makes you stand out is special to us and we utilize that to deliver delightful results for both your customers and shareholders. We can help you:

  • Release funds through reducing and optimizing supplier spend
  • Drive more value out of your supplier base through intelligent, Sustainable, and Risk Managed commercial arrangements
  • With Procurement and/or Supply Chain strategy development and implementation
  • Process goods faster through selection of partners who will automate part of your warehouse and packaging processing
  • Implement a wide range of  clever solutions to  make you stand out. After all,  this is what your brand deserves! Read more about this in our services section.


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Procurement and Supply Chain are critical to a business’ success in retail, but are often overlooked or not given the attention they deserve to maximize benefits. These services are  critical to an organization’s ability to remain  competitive, increase profitability,  and operate effectively. Excellent world-class Procurement and Supply Chain solutions enable onboarding of new customers and retaining existing ones without compromising your bottom-line.