About Dexter: Where Expertise Meets Innovation

Our strength lies in our people! At Dexter, our dedicated team has been working in unison for nearly a decade, fostering a synergy that goes beyond collaboration—it's a shared commitment to delivering success for our clients. Dexter stands out by shunning traditional and rigid procurement approaches. Instead, we prefer a hands-on, collaborative approach, working side by side with our clients. Our clients not only applaud us for achieving stellar results but also find that we’re a  pleasure to work with!  The destination is important, that’s for sure, but the path to get there matters as well.  We believe that business transformation should not only be effective but enjoyable. It’s the experience we offer that truly sets us apart.

At Dexter, we're not just a team; we're a dynamic force committed to pushing boundaries, creating innovative solutions, and ensuring the success of our clients. Join us on this journey where expertise meets innovation. Together, we’re redefining the path to business growth and excellence.

Our People Make Us Who We Are

Our team is a diverse blend of business experts, consultants, data analysts, and procurement specialists. What sets us apart is not just our individual skills but also our collective real-world business experience across small, medium, and corporate environments. This wealth of experience forms the backbone of our success and enables us to navigate the intricacies of various business landscapes.

Our team and partners encompass a spectrum of talent—from seasoned entrepreneurs to corporate directors, from procurement experts to individuals with deep experience in public service. Together, we bring a diverse range of skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise to the table, ensuring that Dexter delivers results that are not just promised but proven.

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Meet Our Founder

After a rich career in procurement, business transformation and supply chain management for large multinationals including Philips Electronics, DSM (Dutch State Mines), Ashland, Rentokil Initial and ASOS, Fre started Dexter Global Business Solutions in 2016. This was born from the desire to help businesses with her and her teams skill set and IP around procurement, supply chain and growth be their best selves and to extend the quality experience in these areas large businesses hold to any business wanting to improve in these fields to delight their customers and shareholders. Fre holds a double executive MBA accreditation from both Simon School of Management in the US as well as Nyenrode University in the Netherlands, has lived in 4 countries, worked across over 50 countries and speaks 4 languages herself. Fre is Dutch but lives in Florida USA together with her daughter and dogs. Other than running her international business and her passion for procurement, supply chain and helping businesses grow and shine even more, she is active in diverse charities including Go for the Greens and the Dr. Phillips Rotary club and her charitable work focuses on motivating diversity, bringing peace to the world and fighting poverty.


The Dexter ABC Difference: Agile, Brave, Collaborative

The Dexter ABC ethos – Agility, Bravery, and Collaboration – defines our approach. We are Agile in adapting to clients’ unique business needs, Brave in facing challenges head-on, and Collaborative in working seamlessly with clients’ teams to achieve shared goals. Consider us an extension of you—whether you need a dedicated procurement department or M&A professionals, we are here to guide you. We thrive on being your strategic partners, navigating the challenges of change alongside you and making the process easy, to stimulate financial growth , and improve operations.

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Diversity and Inclusivity

As a female-owned business, Dexter takes pride in fostering a culture of diversity and inclusivity. We believe that diverse perspectives lead to innovative solutions and better business outcomes. Our commitment to diversity encompasses a broad range of backgrounds and experiences to ensure that our team and partners bring unique insights to every project. We actively promote an inclusive environment where individuals of all backgrounds feel valued and empowered to contribute their best. This commitment not only enriches our workplace but also enhances our ability to understand and address the diverse needs of our clients, resulting in more comprehensive and impactful business solutions.


Sustainability in Business

Dexter is dedicated to advancing sustainable business initiatives as an integral part of our corporate ethos. Our responsible business initiatives go beyond mere compliance, encompassing environmental stewardship, ethical sourcing, and community engagement. We actively seek opportunities to minimize our ecological footprint, ethically source materials, and contribute positively to the communities we operate in. By integrating responsible practices into our operations, Dexter not only strives for excellence in business but also aims to make a positive impact on the world around us.


A Heart for Charity

At Dexter, we are deeply committed to making a meaningful impact through our charitable initiatives, with a special emphasis on our partnership with Go for the Greens. Recognizing the profound importance of giving back to the community, we actively engage in philanthropic efforts that extend beyond business operations. Our collaboration with Go for the Greens exemplifies our dedication to supporting women entrepreneurs and fostering gender equality in business. Additionally, our charity initiatives extend to various causes, contributing to the betterment of communities. Through these endeavors, Dexter strives to be a force for positive change.

A Heart for Charity